5 Things Playing Pro Basketball Taught Me About Running a Startup

The transition from athlete to entrepreneur is a logical one: the drive, persistence, and vision it takes to succeed in sports are just as essential in business. There are many similarities between being a professional athlete and an entrepreneur. For one thing, both careers are subject to the envy of friends in ‘traditional’ corporate jobs, […]

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Why Time Off Isn’t Slacking Off: 8 Tips to Take Advantage of Vacation

Taking time off is extremely important: it helps you “reset”, focus on big challenges, and come up with creative solutions that you otherwise might miss in the day-to-day grind. My company, CoachUp, used to have a policy of “unlimited vacation.” The premise was that as long as you were crushing it at work, you could […]

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3 Reasons You Should Hire an Athlete Today

The lessons learned through athletics can make the difference between a workplace contributor and a superstar If you could only ask one question to a person interviewing for a job at your company, what would it be? Would you ask about their strengths or weaknesses? Their relevant experience? Their biggest success or biggest failure? Where they went […]

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