In time of uncertainty in business, the companies that do the best are the ones in which individual contributors are able to stay focused on their own performance–and on doing what they need to do to hit their own benchmarks.

3. Do your job. The Patriots’ mantra says it all. Whether it’s Bob Kraft setting the example as the leader, Bill Belichick keeping his attention squarely on the gridiron, or Jimmy Garoppolo talking about “business as usual,” every person in the Patriots organization knows their job and embraces it. In times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that everyone fully understands their roles, responsibilities and goals. It’s easy to get flustered or worried. Trying to do everything at once will ultimately do more harm than good. Do your job. In the end, it’s pretty simple.

If there’s one lesson we can take from Deflategate, it’s that a strong organization — with a clear mission and an ingrained and positive culture — can overcome even the most “overblown” uncertainty.