What Playing and Coaching Basketball Taught Me About Delivering Criticism

When it comes to delivering constructive criticism, what kind of coach are you? A lot has been written about great coaches-how they recruit, motivate, and lead their teams. But what happens when things aren’t going well: when players make mistakes, teams aren’t giving their all, or leaders won’t accept the role that their coach needs […]

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3 Reasons You Should Hire an Athlete Today

The lessons learned through athletics can make the difference between a workplace contributor and a superstar If you could only ask one question to a person interviewing for a job at your company, what would it be? Would you ask about their strengths or weaknesses? Their relevant experience? Their biggest success or biggest failure? Where they went […]

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3 Lessons in Motivation From the Greatest Sports Coaches

Leaders understand the importance of intrinsic motivation and cultivate behaviors in their employees that breed passion and drive. There are plenty of ways to describe what it means to be motivated. You’re driven. You’re passionate. You’re dedicated. Maybe you’ve got that inner “fire” or you just “want it” more than anyone else. No matter how […]

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