My first year in Israel, in the final game of preseason, our team won against one of the best teams in the world outside of the NBA. But individually I played poorly. I was disappointed in my performance, and even more frustrated that I didn’t make the most of the opportunity to showcase what I could do.

But the team had won the championship, and it was time to celebrate. As a group of kids on the sidelines wearing our jerseys came over for autographs, I reflected on how my actions mattered to my team and fans, despite what I had–or had not–personally achieved.

At CoachUp now, I make a concerted effort to celebrate our wins, no matter how small or large. Whether it’s raising a new round of funding, beating our monthly forecast, setting new records for daily sales, onboarding a new hire, or reading a glowing review from one of our athletes– it’s really important to take the time to celebrate these wins. Leading by example means creating this culture of encouragement on the team–a culture that celebrates the victories of each person on the team and overall–because your actions matter to those who are watching.